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Featured Product
Futaba's GP9002A01A is a graphic display module using a 12864 Vacuum Flourescent Display.
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pdf Click here to download the Product Specification for the LCD Emulator (includes mechanical drawings of all models).
File Size : 724 KB
Click below to download only the mechanical drawing for the specified model
(file size: approximately 80 KB each)
  pdf NA16SD08 pdf NA242SD04 pdf NA202SD16
  pdf NA162SD07 pdf NA204SD02 pdf NA402SD10
  pdf NA202MD15        
Safety Information
  • Please read the Product Specification carefully before using your Futaba LCD EMULATORS.
  • The power supply should be disconnected of switched off before handling the modules.
  • The modules contain electronic components that generate high voltages which may cause an electric shock.
  • Anti-static precautions should be observed when handling the modules.
  • The VFD used on the module is made of glass and should be handled with care.
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