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Contract Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Service Capabilities


PCBA Technologies & Capabilities

  • BGA, micro BGA (down to 0.4mm pitch)
  • Flip chip, Chip On Board (COB)
  • Selective solder
  • 24” long board

Surface Mount Capabilities

  • PCBA for a wide range of volume, mix and complexity requirements
  • No-clean or aqueous solder process
  • Fine pitch screen printing/placement down to 0.4mm pitch
  • Odd form part placement
  • Mixed technology
  • 0201 chip components
  • MELFs
  • Pin-In-Paste

Thru-Hole Capabilities

  • No-clean
  • Water wash
  • Ionic contamination testing
  • Component lead forming
Test Engineering Capabilities



  • C/C++/C#
  • Basic/Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • SQL (Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL)
  • HTML

Test Equipment Hardware

  • National Instruments test platform
  • Agilent 3070 in-circuit test support
  • Full electrical tests for assemblies
  • Computer vision to detect:
    • Uneven brightness
    • Color accuracy
    • Luminance levels
Inspecition & Test Capabilities


Inspection Capabilities

  • X-Ray
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT)
  • Functional Certification Test (FCT)

Assembly & Test Equipment

  • Screen printers: MPM  
  • Surface mount lines: Panasonic high-speed placement
  • Force convection reflow: BTU (nitrogen)
  • Fine Pitch/BGA re-work: Metcal
  • Selective soldering: inline & offline Pillarhouse 
  • X-Ray inspection system: VJ Electronix Vertex
  • In-circuit test: Inline & offline Agilent ICT
  • Automated optical inspection: Omron VT-WIN2 and RNS
Custom Technology & Design Capabilities


Futaba Contract Manufacturing is able to create custom equipment for improved productivity. This custom equipment can provide better capability for production needs and product requirements. With our in-house machine shop (CNC, lathe, mill, surface grinder, etc.), we are able to produce custom tooling / fixtures quickly to meet customer needs.

Examples include:

  • Robotic conformal coat
  • Semi-automated routing robots
  • Automated masking dispense system
  • Semi-automated custom built functional test equipment
  • Product specific functional tests

Cell Manufacturing

In addition, let our engineers work together and build fully optimized manufacturing process cells. With our cell manufacturing capabilities, you can be assured you'll see advantages such as:

  • Short changeover times
  • Eliminated batch processes
  • General improvements in overall productivity
Future Capabilities


Futaba's Contract Manufacturing division is investigating technologies to handle new customer requirements for increasing productivity, quality, and efficiency

We are Investigating future environmental concerns to help meet required regulations and reduce our manufacturing processes environmental impacts.

We share technology with other Futaba facilities across the globe so that we can implement new technologies quickly and at a lowered expense.

We will be looking more to customized robotic operations so that your company will see:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Improved repeatability
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